University of San Francisco Class of 2023 Applicants Thread

Creating this thread for USF class of 2023. All the best to everyone!

Based upon previous years posts, looks like USF will start sending notifications in a couple of days. Good luck to everyone!

Last year they came out on dec. 18, so hopefully decisions start coming within two weeks!

My D got an interview request. Is that a good sign ?

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What program is everyone applying for?

How are the results released? By email or paper mail? I am going away from my boarding school starting this Friday. Do you think I can see it if I am not a my regular post office address?

@rplsparker I think by email

This morning D’s portal says, Decided. Decisions are in the mail. I’m assuming that means US Postal Mail.

@alohalivin that’s what my portal says too but I’m an international so I haven’t received anything yet. Has anyone received it? Also, does that mean they won’t post the decision online?

Says decisions are in the mail too. I guess they won’t post it online. That means it is a waiting game.

Are you guys all applying to the nursing program by any chance?

Nope. Communications here.

Hopefully they were at least sent first class and not standard, knowing the decision is made and having to wait 10 days to find out is worse than waiting for the decision to be made.

We live about 45 minutes from SF and did not receive anything from USF in our U.S. mail today.

I contacted admissions and they said that it looks like the emails with the decisions will be released on December 17th

For the last several years USF has sent snail mail decision letters, followed a few days later by email. Nothing in the portal. So if this year is the same, you will start receiving mailed letters any day now and then you’ll see emailed decisions shortly thereafter. If you live far from campus you might get the email first.

The application portal says my decision has been made and a letter is in the mail but no email.

Picked up our mail today and nothing from USF yet, despite portal message. We live close to SF. Also noticed that they announced on IG today that EA decisions are in the mail.

I messaged admissions yesterday and told me that letters were just being packaged, and emails were going to be released around the 17th

For some reason my D’s portal says “waived” by SAT which she did submit and her score is fine. Anyone else?