University of San Francisco Fall 2022 Admissions

The Fall 2022 deadline for USF is January 15th and decisions are expected mid-March. Class of 2026, here’s your spot to swap stats and share admissions updates and results.

During a visit in Oct 21, admissions mentioned decisions would be released on one date? was that the case for the EA decisions?

Decisions will be released March 11th online.


Portal just updates and got acceptance in mail, relatively local in Norcal. 22k/year Presidential scholarship. No mention of honor college invite…would be interested to hear if anyone gets invited today. Good luck to all!


Portal update! Bay Area student acceptance for nursing, 27k/year merit, didn’t apply to honors college


D is accepted (Psychology). Seattle area. No mention of honors college, but $28k/year in merit. Definitely a contender.

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You asked a few days ago, but I thought I’d update.

My daughter got her acceptance packet in the mail on 3/11/22 and she received an email on 3/14/22 inviting her to apply to Honors College.

3.94 u/w / 4.15 weighted no scores submitted. Good ECs & excellent LORs. Received $22K Presidential Scholarship and $17,400 University Tuition grant (we have a very low EFC). OOS applicant (from Mountain West).

She’s accepted to the Honors College at a state flagship that will meet all of her need with scholarships & grants, so she is probably headed there. I think she expected that school to cost her more and USFCA to be just a little less (which would have made the decision harder).

Good luck and best wishes to all.

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Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your daughters excellent options!

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Bay Area student accepted into nursing (reg. decision) with $26k/year in merit. 3.68 u/w and 4.1 weighted. Did not submit scores.


Anyone attending the USF Seattle reception on 4/2?