University of San Francisco Transfer Applicants

Are there any other transfer applicants on here? I thought I’d start a thread so we could all worry together haha

me! I havent heard back yet, but they said first week of feb

I haven’t heard either! Freaking out. What did you guys apply as?

International Studes Major @EmilyArd

Not sure if I applied within the priority deadline so idk if I’ll be hearing back this week. I had my applications and transcript submitted by the deadline, but my mom only sent FAFSA two weeks ago

I was accepted a few days ago! I’m a business major

@DillanP did you get an email saying your portal was updated?

Yes, and then the acceptance package arrived about 3 days after I received the email.

Were you a priority applicant or just regular decision?

Yeah I applied as a priority applicant but barely got it in on time because I submitted it on the very last day of the deadline

@DillanP Hey, I was just accepted Friday! Thank you for answering my questions and easing my nerves a bit. I still have to hear back from a few more schools, but San Francisco is definitely towards the top of my list. Feel free to pm me if you want to talk about the SF or anything.

when did you apply?

Accepted! The portal was updated today. :smiley: I did not apply as a priority student so they are sending out regular admission decisions now. Good luck to anyone else still waiting!

I’m looking to transfer to USF in the fall of 2019. I sent in my transfer application on March 1st. i’m from the midwest, I don’t know if that would affect my chances or not haha but I can’t stop obsessively logging into my account and checking my status! ahhhh! good luck to anyone waiting :slight_smile:

Accepted this afternoon! Good luck to everyone else who applied :slight_smile:


What are your stats?

I am also applying from the Midwest (sent everything in on Mar 1).

@EELIZABETH13 What were your stats?

I applied 2 weeks ago (kind of late) and was accepted yesterday. I haven’t gotten my packet yet.