University of South Carolina 2024 Deferred

I was recently deferred from USC, and i noticed there isn’t a discussion page for deferred students. Please comment below major intended ,SAT/ACT scores, and GPA!

deferred too - undecided major, 1260 sat and 3.5 gpa

Hi I’m applying to uofsc and it is my top choice. I initially applied to the business school, but after finding out the major was so competitive I decided to apply undecided.
I have a 3.9 GPA (5 APs) with an 1120 SAT
Although my score is low, I do have other qualities in my application such as, being a student representative/ liaison for my school, outstanding community service award, top ten at states for DECA, attended a business camp, networked with businesses and interned with a few of them over the summer, NHS, SHS, board position for Habitat for Humanity and DECA and also participate in other community service and had a good supplemental on character.
I got deferred from USC but do I still have a good chance of getting in? How much weight do they put on SAT scores? And will my extra curricular activities help?

@kellymarsh1 i have the same gpa and sat scores as you! I applied as a political science major and usc is also my first option. we are in the same boat! i’ve tried to reach out to people i know who got accepted or go there now, and while my scores aren’t the highest i was in mock trial for 2 years i am apart of Beta i joined a club to help freshman settle into high school i have also swam and danced my entire life. I have taken 4 AP classes and every other class has been honors. I also am a first generation college kid, i am hispanic , and i am instate . i’m not sure how much that will help me out. I wish you the best tho!

Deferred from EA - Major - Information systems
GPA - 2.7 (i know - low)
SAT - 1350

Tae Kwon Do instructor, 3rd degree black belt in TKD, Model UN, Model UN summer instructor, 1 yr HS football, APs and Honors

My D was deferred as well:

1210 SAT
3.4 GPA
Class officer - 4 years
Varsity sport - 4 years
Tons of clubs/volunteering
AP & honors classes

? Fingers Crossed!

I was deferred also.
3.61 GPA (5 APs. Had rough freshman year but grades have gone up a lot. Has also gone up to 3.79 this past semester)
24 ACT

Summer camp counselor, Girls State, TEDx event organizer, involvement with Social Media marketing in terms of YouTube and working with brands such as Amazon. Definitely a different and diverse application that they probably won’t see duplicates of.

I was rejected from UNC and Clemson so this is my last of the 3 I’d really like to attend.

DD was deferred EA. 27 ACT, 3.98 wgpa. Lots of AP/honors/2 DE classes. tons of leadership/sports/drama/dance/internships etc. Waitlisted at clemson, deferred at ohio state (but she doesn’t want to attend after visiting, which is good since her stats won’t likely get her in there anyway)- but accepted everywhere else she applied with a lot of merit at some of them- so who knows where she’ll end up.

USC is one of her favorites at this point, but the cost will be so much higher than other options that I’m kind of hoping she falls in love with Indiana, UKY, or College of Charleston. Competition is so tough these days- and it’s hard to know how colleges make their final decisions with such strong applicant pools…

@kjj2020 If shes getting money from those other schools she needs to learn to like them LOL. Charleston is a great town and I know several there that love it. IU is also very good but certainly colder. Good luck. We are heading down tomorrow for Admitted Day but my son has not made up his mind yet

Would deferred students share what majors they applied for? TIA

Sports and entertainment management

@jgwolf - LOL- you’re not kidding! I can bribe her with a few grand and still come out ahead, lol! U of SC was so impressive on their tour, but since she hasn’t visited C of C yet, I’m hopeful she’ll fall in love with it, too! It’s such a beautiful campus. She’s going to their admitted student day in March, so fingers crossed! She’s a big sports fan, so the only thing that she’s a bit bummed about is their lack of a football team. But honestly- it’s a short season and only half the games would be home games anyway, so… :wink: If you remember to hop back on to this board after your visit there, I’d love to hear what you and your son thought about it. :slight_smile:

My son was deferred also. His portal just changed today, and he’s accepted into Univ of SC. His major is Computer Science. We are in-state.

@DDclass2018 - that’s great! We spoke to our admissions rep yesterday and she told us deferred students would find out the week of March 9-13th. So, that’s good that you found out this much earlier!

i’m guessing everyone that got accepted yesterday were higher stats candidates… meaning they
would be getting merit scholarships.

They also might be going by major. I know many people that got decisions yesterday applied for Business. Now Computer Science. Just a thought, but you may be correct.

I saw someone get in for engineering so not sure if it’s by major.

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@user9167391 I’ll say this, my son’s stats were not high at all. His wgpa is only 3.93, and SAT is 1060. I think his only advantage is that we’re in-state, and we actually live in the suburbs of Columbia.

My daughter was deferred but today she got a vip ID which is access to self serve Carolina. I’m hoping this may be good news. Did anyone else get them

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@ddusc , yes, we did and there are multiple reports here on CC of students having received the Financial Aid/VIP ID email. Hopefully USC is getting ready to release more decisions soon.