University of South Carolina - Supplemental Graded Essay

My son applied to USC through Common app but is not trying to submit supplemental graded essay. Has anyone done this yet? How do you submit grade and rubric if on separate page and also if you have to get it again from the teacher? Will you not find out of eligible for honors until you submit everything?

is NOW trying …

My daughter was able to submit the essay and grading rubric from her teacher separately. Fingers crossed for your son!

How do you access the Honors College application on the Common App? I submitted my application to UofSC but cannot find the Honors College app. Am I supposed to receive an email?

Yes, you get an email but a link to the application shows up as part of your application checklist in the portal.

Is the supplemental graded optional?

You have the choice between sending an SAT/ACT score or sending a minimum of three AP/IB scores or sending a supplemental graded essay (you can send more than one - up to all three categories - of these, but not none).

Did you ever find it where the Honors app is? My daughter can not find it anywhere.

My son received an email inviting him to apply for the honors college and a link appeared shortly after that in his student portal. If you did not receive an email, you might be able to request an application.

@crosado My D21 had to request the application to be added to her portal and I think it took until the next day for it to be added. When you log into your portal, you will see it linked as a needed supplement. It is due by Sunday though, so if you haven’t had it added to your portal yet, I would definitely get that done tomorrow.

After being encouraged to apply to the Honors College and getting letters about Carolina Elite, etc, my DD never got an email invite to apply. She submitted Oct 12. Just inquired on the app and they said the would send to her today. I’m wondering why she did not get it automatically. She is applying test optional but they said that should not matter. @proudmom2g1b what are your thoughts about having to request the honors application? does it mean anything?

@leemomphd I’m not sure. My daughter requested the Honors College app just a few days after submitting her application, so I don’t know if it would have been automatically added if she had waited or not. Sorry I’m not much help. Good luck to your daughter!