University of South Flordia 7 year Morsani program

Someone who is like a daughter to me is considering USF Honors program with the intention to pursue their 7 year program with a path to enroll in year 3 Morsani.

So the USF program requires minimum GPA and MCAT scores, etc. and it seems a lot of folks enroll at USF planning to pursue that 7 year med degree, but a lot wash out. Also I’ve seen remarks online here and elsewhere suggesting studying biology or biomed there is a mistake - perhaps it’s the “drop of water in the Ocean” degree that everybody there gets?

Would appreciate any insights into this USF program, both as it relates to Morsani as well as the extent to which 4-year USF students are successful at getting admitted into other medial schools, or, should they decide to swith paths away from an MD, how well prepared they are for other post-grad programs.

Alternatives include attending a smaller school with a preferred admission to LECOM (but she is basically sure she wants to pursue an MD not a DO), or to just go for a typical 4-year pre-med track.