University of South Florida Class of 2025

Hello everyone. I haven’t seen a huge thread for USF class of 2025 admissions, so I thought I’d start one. Does anyone know when decisions come out? If so please share!
My stats:
Date Applied: 10/16
Intended Major: Undecided Business Major
Weighted/Unweighted GPA: W: 4.3 UW: 3.9
ACT/SAT: 30 (Superscored)
Decision: ?

Date Applied: 10/10
Intended Major: Computer Science
Weighted/Unweighted GPA: W 4.08 UW 3.58 (4.0 USF Re-calculated GPA)
ACT/SAT: 31 (31E 33M 24R 36S) and 1440 (690E 750M)
Decision: In review

I asked them when decisions come out in an info session and they said they should start coming out in mid November.

Date applied: Oct 10
Major: Health science (premed track)
GPA: 3.6 UW 4.3 W
ACT: 30
Decision: In Review

Has anybody applied for USF Honors?
I was told that the decisions come out 6-8 weeks after submitting the application. So hopefully by December.

Admissions decisions are being posted!

Anybody knows how to see the automatic merit awarded? Is that communicated later on or does it need a separate application for that?

I got in!!!

Update: I got in!! I’m still looking for any scholarship information. I hope everyone else gets in.

Date Applied: 8/25
Intended Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders
Weighted/Unweighted GPA: W 5.2 UW 4.2
SAT: 1470
Decision: Accepted

D21 -
Applied mid October
Major: undecided/Biology
GPA 3.96 UW/4.6W
ACT 36

Got in!! In the email it says follow up email coming soon.

Date Applied: 7/31
Intended Major: Social Science Education
GPA: 3.6 UW/4.15W
SAT: 1360
Decision: Accepted!

My Daughter got her acceptance yesterday
Applied: July
Intended Major : Advertising
GPA: 3.95 UW / 4.22 W
ACT: 30
Decision: Accepted

She also interviewed for and was admitted to the Zimmerman Advertising Program.

Has anyone gotten scholarship/financial aid information yet? I have not.

I haven’t yet. I emailed them and said there will be scholarship info in the packet that is sent through the mail.

Scholarship info appeared in the financial aid tab today!

@g8torlaw where is the financial aid tab located? TIA!!

Once you log into Oasis, it’s next to the Student tab.

Date Applied: October 30
Major: Supply chain
GPA: 3.8 UW/4.3 W ACT:34 Decision: Accepted

Just wondering if anyone has information on the “history of achievement” 2k/year scholarship?

Daughter applied 10/12. Accepted 11/16. Honors and scholarship award 11/30. Good luck everyone.

My daughter was accepted a few weeks ago to the Zimmerman Advertising program and just got awarded a Green and Gold OOS Scholarship.