University of Southern California - Petroleum Engineering


I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology (small university in Boston). I have been accepted into the Petroleum Engineering/Engineering Management master’s program at USC. My current undergrad GPA at Wentworth is 3.86. I have had three engineering interships and have held numerous leadership positions at my current university (Resident Assitant, Student Gov President etc…). I am really conflicted whether I should go to USC or not. The reason for the former is I’m concerned about the job prospects in the Oil & Gas industry. I am afraid of graduating from USC two years down the road with more than 60k in loans and be unemployed. I tried searching for information and numbers about whether USC PTE grads end up finding jobs after graduation from the master’s program, however, I found nothing. Also, let’s assume the job market is bad for the oil and gas industry, am I able to fall back on my mechanical engineering degree and find jobs?