university of tampa FEE WAIVER

<p>I did not apply for the SAT fee waiver bc I didnt know about it and I'm homeschooled so I didnt have a guidance counselor to get one. HOW do i get a fee waiver for university of tampa? I need one for the main app but especially the housing application, its 500 hundred dollars!! my efc is 000</p>

<p>If you have decent sat/act scores, don't worry about the application fee...I submitted my application and transcripts and was waiting for my parents to let me pay for it, but got accepted before I paid. I emailed my UT guidance counselor and she said not to worry about it! And, for the housing application...that's only after you've been admitted. And, it's 500 for the housing and tuition deposit if you're going there for sure. Good luck!</p>