University of Tampa


Please tell me what my chances are for The University of Tampa.
I would like to study elementary education.

ACT: 22 (retook it)
GPA: 3.33 Weighted

EC’s: Student council 6+ years (every year of high school) Captain/founder of the first girls b-ball team at my school, spanish cultural club secretary, cultural dance 4+ years, taught at three different schools; California and South Africa (where I am from) Ambassador for my school (for potential applicants to my school), Won 3 art awards (2nd place in a County fair, street art, and honorable mention)

Thank you!

In addition to the EC’s, I am also the editor of the yearbook (11, 12th grade)- National Scholastic Press Association

I think you’d have a shot at UT, your gpa is average for the school though and you ACT score is a little low, but your extracurriculars are good I’d say apply and see what happens. Good Luck!!! :smiley: :-bd

did you get in ? just wondering cause my gpa is simalar

I’m attending with the same GPA & ACT scores with none of the extracurricular with a scholarship !