University of Tennessee knoxville VS Santa Clara University..HELP!!

<p>i was accepted in both for my masters of science in engineering management. i know that UTK is ranked higher, it is actually in the top 100; santa clara is not; but i have actually noticed that santa clara is very well known also for its Engineering and business programs. i do not mind living in CAL or TENN. both are good atmospheres for me. I am only looking for what is a better school? upon graduation, from which school is it easier to find a job? </p>

<p>Thank you for all the HELP!!!</p>

<p>UTenn is a research university, while Santa Clara is more of a teaching university. There may be more research assistantship opportunities at UTenn, and if they’re offering you an assistantship, take it. On the other hand, if they didn’t offer you anything, I would choose Santa Clara. Santa Clara is just down the street from some major tech firms in the Silicon Valley, and there are some excellent networking opportunities down there.</p>