University of Texas at Austin Class of 2025 Unofficial Roommate Finder

Hey Class of 2025!

Why not try to connect some College Confidential Longhorns to be roommates? I’m assuming there is a roommate finder to sign up for with the dorms at some point but some kids might want to be off campus for freshman year. And some kids aren’t on any social media so I’m giving this harebrained idea a whirl…

I have no idea what I’m doing here so please add whatever you think is helpful! I’m envisioning parents or students could provide a little bio however detailed they are comfortable with. Private messaging can go from there to swap phone numbers for texting or getting to know you better in a more private setting.

Some ideas to cover are below (please add more if you like). Please be honoring to your son or daughter in terms of phrasing things that you would be comfortable with them reading. One kid might not like to be referred to as a total slob but another might not care! :slight_smile:



Names of interested Dorms/Off Campus Apartments:


Thank you for doing this.
Son: BME
Would prefer Jesters

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I have a son looking at Roberts or Jesters. McCombs freshman next year.

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