University of Texas @ Austin Class of 2025 After you've been accepted....Q&A

Faculty and staff have been told that they will need to be in residence in the fall, so I’m hopeful!

The President recently sent out an email saying their plan is to be as much in person as possible. To quote a line from the email “In general, we expect the fall 2021 semester to look more like the fall 2019 semester than the fall 2020 semester.”

He also said the UT community should plan on -

  1. Pre-registering to get a vaccine now through UT’s vaccine distribution by filling out a form.
  2. Being in Austin and on campus for teaching and research if you are a student or faculty member.
  3. The likelihood of coming to campus if you are a staff member.
  4. Some aspects of hybrid learning and remote work remaining in place; and
  5. A coordinated and well-communicated transition from new normal to near normal.

I’m planning to commit soon and was wondering if it’s even worth submitting an on-campus housing form at this point or start looking off-campus? Would all the dorms be filled up by now?

My older son (HS Class of 2019) applied to UT on August 1 and applied for housing as soon as he got his UTEID.

My daughter, who will be attending in the fall didn’t submit the housing app until after housing contracts had been offered to the first group of students. I think she submitted her application on March 3 and was offered a contract within a couple of days.

I would say apply for housing and if you don’t hear back in a couple of days, start looking at off campus options.

Sounds good, thank you so much!

Hi, I was wondering if there are still spots for on campus housing. I haven’t decided what school I want to go to yet, but UT is one of my top choices. I submitted by housing deposit in February aswell. Also, I am OOS.

You should just submit the on-campus housing application. If you don’t get a room, you can consider the popular private dorms that are on/across the street from campus - Callaway, Castilian, and Dobie. There was a fair amount of discussion/comments about these dorms a couple of weeks ago on the other College Confidential thread- UT Austin Class of 2025.

For those who missed the UT25 Celebration zoom virtual meeting this week, the recording of that session is on YouTube-UT25 Celebration. It has speeches from the UT President, deans, and some students.

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Is the Online Family Orientation for parents worth the $15 bucks? From the agenda, it looks like all perfunctory stuff. Would it add it anything to my parents in addition to new student orientation?

Yes! My husband and I did it last year and we got a lot out of it. I imagine it will be better this year since they’ve had time to perfect it.


Thank you! I’ll share the info with them.

Just curious, any tips for registering of courses starting second year as how difficult they are if you are non honors?

Thank you

As a non honors student can you still put honors quad dorms for as a selection?
Obviously you can only put 4 dorms so how what mix of honors or non honors dorms you put?

Also which dorms Engineering non honors ECE students live in? Any OOS here?

How difficult it is to get into honors during second year?

Are your kids coming with good amount of AP credits ? Is that an advantage - besides possibility of graduating early?

I think the ones you list on the contract don’t really matter. It depends on when you get to pick in June (which is based on when you paid the $50 housing deposit I believe) that determines what choices you will have.

Thank you. Is end of Jan considered late for the $50 deposit?

are there any specific advantage/disadvantages with selecting off-campus housing. one of the common feedback that we got that off-campus might be more good as there will be less than being in a freshmen dorm as more opportunities to get distracted. what do you guys think?

Do you mean the types of courses to take or in getting the courses you want?

Only honors students can live in honors is my understanding unless your roommate is in the honors program and has priority registration before you. The honors dorms unfortunately unlike at other schools are not that nice. My daughter in honors chose not to live in an honors dorm and lived in off campus dorm where ironically many from her program lived.

I know for her program it’s really hard to get into the honors program and the stats are listed online. You can probably find it for the program you’re looking for as well if you search hard enough.

Mine had about 40 AP/dual credits, it was an advantage for registration time for semesters after the first orientation when it doesn’t matter, and to move ahead in some courses, however she’s not interested in graduating early and her honors program doesn’t allow you to graduate early. She also is required to take a minimum of 12 hours a semester. One additional plus is I think without the AP she may have had to do a summer semester and now she doesn’t and she’s starting her Masters this fall as a junior and those kids also have to do summer school but she won’t have to. She also wound up not having to claim all her AP credit so she wound up having too many or not enough in the right categories.

Best use of AP tbh is to use it towards required courses and then take classes you’re truly interested in and get a double major or minor while you can which is what mine is choosing to do. She’s much better positioned that my other kid at a school who doesn’t take a lot of the courses for AP since it’s private.

which off campus dorm you guys selected?