University of texas natural science/geology

<p>I am applying to the College of Natural Science at UT for Spring 2012. I have applied as undecided 1st choice and chem. 2nd choice. I explained in an essay that I plan to take courses to transfer to the School of Geosciences (they only accept fall apps). </p>

<p>First question: Should I leave it as undecided? Or change to a first declared major?
Second: I have a Bach of Science in Political Science already, will this affect my chances?? Since I'm a second degree seeking student...
Third: I just took calc, online, over the summer.. whew. I made a C :( I havent made a C since my first semester of college.. and my GPA is a 3.4.. probably a little less now. How do you think that C will look. Like I said, I have completed a bachelors already and have shown to be determined. </p>

<p>What do you think my chances are? How hard is it to get into College of Natural Science or Jackson School of Geo??</p>