University of Texas Plan II and BHP

<p>I would like some opinions on these programs. How do they compare to other top programs? It it worth it to enroll in both? Do graduate schools view them highly? Is plan II really comparable to Ivy League schools?

<p>Depends on what you expect to do after graduation.</p>

<p>BHP is a top-notch program. I don't know what your stats are, but you'll need to be top 1-2% of your class with an SAT of 2200+. </p>

<p>BHP is largely considered to be the second most highly recruited undergrad business program. Second only to Wharton. Most of the McCombs kids who get into IB are either in BHP or the Financial Analyst Program. Some go to Houston, but a lot are in NYC. All of the BB's and most all elite boutiques recruit at UT, and BHP kids have the edge. MBB consulting also tends to focus on BHP.

How do they compare to other top programs?


What else are you considering? BHP compares to lower-end Ivies, but not really HYP. </p>

<p>I don't really know that much about Plan II. The BHP/Plan II is fairly common though among the UT brainiacs.</p>