University of the Pacific Dorms + Pre-Pharm advice

I recently committed to UOP and I wanted some advice on dorms and pre-pharm. Im deciding between Quad or Southwest, but am open to other suggestions. What is each dorm known for? I want to be with people that are social but also care about school. Are there any dorms that are middle ground between social and studious people? Do you have any advice for pre-pharm stuff in general? Im a 2+3, so I’m scared that I won’t have time to do social things. Is there any pharmacy fraternities/sororities/ societies that I should join for pre-pharm? Is there anything that you wish you had done as a freshman and why?

You might have better luck posting this on the accepted student’s Facebook page for UOP.

My D attended a different school, but also did 2 years pre-pharmacy. She had some AP credit for English, Calc and econ, and took Bio and Chem 1+2 with labs the first year, and then Ochem 1+2 with labs the second year.

She formed study groups with some of her classmates for the science classes, attended all lectures, recitations and review sessions before exams that the professors offered.

Yes, she could still attend fun activities and also exercised for stress relief.

This website has helpful info about the UOP pre-pharmacy advantage program.

It says you will have a pharmacy advisor assigned. It also has a student spotlight, so maybe you could try and reach out to that student about some information.
There is contact information on the page for the school as well.

They mention student organizations, do maybe you can research some on UOP website to see what might interest you.

At my D’s school they have a student activities fair during orientation.

If you work hard, you should be able to get the required 3.0 GPA. Get help if you needed at the tutoring center.

@mommdc thanks for your help! i think i’ll post it on the facebook page. if you don’t mind me asking, which school did your D attend?

University of Pittsburgh, it’s a 2+4 program.

Search Facebook for the Pacific pre-pharmacy society.