University of the Sciences Class of 2022

There hasn’t been a thread for USP recently, so I thought I’d make one!

Stats: 1490 SAT, 3.7 GPA UW
I’m applying for the accelerated dental program! Is anyone else applying?

Hey! I applied to the Cooper Medical School of Rowan and got in!

@Tactition congrats! if you don’t mind sharing, what were your stats??

Hi-I will be visiting this University on their Senior Preview Day in late September. Anyone have any thoughts on this school? I met with them at a college fair and was intrigued. I am interested in Physical Therapy

@ByTheBay sorry for the late reply :confused: honestly i really love usci. It’s a great school that really prepares you for your choice of field. The PT program is one of the best. But remember it’s easy to get in, but hard to stay in. If you work hard you’ll be fine.