University of the Sciences Class of 2023 (2019 seniors in hs)

did anyone hear back from Usci?

Nope. I was wondering about that too because I submitted my application three days ago via common app and they still haven’t downloaded it…did they download yours?

Hello, I got accepted around January 9th.
I applied around December 15th. So Usciences doesn’t have a portal like other colleges. What I did was get in contact with the admissions office by sending an email. I was told my application was currently being reviewed. I also showed interested by joining an online chat with admissions officer from Usciences and their students. For my stats, 1200 SAT, 4.0 gpa weighted with several extracurriculars, VP of my school history club, summer Volunteer) in emergency department, Deloitte mentoring 4 years, science club, newspaper etc. @sandyX @polandapring2822 I hope this helps you.

@lunablue1 Thanks for the info. I was getting worried because colleges usually download your application after it is submitted. So I thought they didn’t receive my application since it wasn’t downloaded.
And congrats on your acceptance letter!

I got accepted to the pharmacy school with a 5000 dollar scholarship about a month ago and I sent in my application around 0ctober 30th. My sat was 1100 and my school doesn’t report GPAs. If you apply earlier you have a better chance of getting in since Its rolling admissions. so as long as everything in your application is strong, you will get in