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I was wondering if the University of Toledo’s Medical School had any connections with certain residency programs such as some sort of surgery residency. I have heard that the prestige of the medical school matters a lot, and the UToledo medical school doesnt have the best ranking, so I was wondering would UToledo still have connections with GOOD residencies such as surgery, or cardiology etc.

I hope @wayoutwestmom will chime in also.

There is no medical school in this country that can guarantee you a residency…in any specialty…anywhere. Like everyone else, you will need to do well in medical school, do well on your Step tests, and apply for residency places just like everyone else.

Students from a variety of medical schools get accepted to each specialty.

Re: medical school…you go where you are accepted. Did you get accepted to University of Toledo SOM?

And I will add…any residency is a good residency in your field. What exactly is a “good residency”.

During medical school, you very well could change your mind and decide another specialty suits you better.


Prestige** of your med school matters some, but not as much as people generally believe. Your Step scores, pre-clinical grades, clinical grades (esp your grade for your surgical rotation and any surgery sub-is you do), your research productivity & publication list, as well as the letter of recommendation you get from your surgery preceptors–these all matter more than where you go to med school.

Additionally, as 4th year med students, students have the opportunity to do one or more away rotations at other surgery residency sites. These are sometime referred to as “audition rotations”. (As in you’re auditioning for a residency position at that hospital).

U Toledo Medical Center hosts a general surgery residency program so you will have the opportunity to get exposure to surgery there through your required surgery rotation and additional elective rotations in surgery. They also host a cardiology fellowship program. Medical specialties/subspecialities are a surprising small world career-wise. If you do well in your surgical rotations, your letter-writers words will have impact when it comes to getting interviews during your Match year.

If you want to look at the factors that go into a being a successful candidate for general surgery and how residency program director rank them-- …go here: At-A-Glance Program Director Survey | NRMP

**If by prestige, you mean the amount of NIH research grant funding it receives.

P.S. USNew rankings aren’t worth the electrons burned to display them on a screen. Literally no one in medicine cares about the rankings.

P.P.S. FYI, Cardiology isn’t a residency; it’s a fellowship one enters AFTER completing a residency in internal medicine. Fellowship require going through the whole apply-interview-and-match process a second time.

Just wanted to point out that the best residency programs for training purposes are not always the most “prestigious” ones. Sometimes one gets the most opportunity to actually DO stuff at smaller programs where there are no fellows being trained - that means that the residents do everything, instead of watching the fellow do it.

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Agree with @ parentologist that the most “prestigious” residencies don’t necessarily offer the best training. And the strength of a particular residency program often varies tremendously between one specialty and the next at the same hospital.

Toledo offers residency and fellowships for: anesthesiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, family medicine, neurology, OB/GYN, orthopedic surgery, pathology, physical medicine & rehabilitation, psychiatry, radiology, general surgery, urology, medical physics, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, hematology/oncology, nephrology, neurology (including 5 neurology subspecialties), pain medicine, pediatrics, child & adolescent psychiatry, pulmonology/critical care, rheumatology, sleep medicine, sports medicine, bariatric surgery, infectious diseases.

Graduate Medical Education-- Toledo Medical Center

Hope those residencies are good enough for you…