University of Toronto or US private school for Chem Eng?

My daughter was accepted to UofT Engineering for Chem Eng w/ Coop. Also has offer from Case Western at this point. Waiting to hear from UBC and Waterloo. We live in Western US, but she really wants to go to Canada. I’m concerned about the collegiate experience at UofT, especially if she ends up in Chestnut Residence instead of one of the colleges. She only knows Vancouver and BC, doesn’t know the Eastern part of Canada at all.

Would love to hear experiences!

U of T engineering is a very tight community. They have a lot of skule pride. Three of us in my family graduated from U of T. One went on to get a professional degree from an Ivy and thought the experience at U of T was much better.

She will probably get a lot more input if she visits the U of T subreddit. A lot of current students hang out there.