University of Toronto scholarship for US students

Have D17 considering University of Toronto for 2022. Potential major Psychology, neuroscience, finance. Does anyone have experience with their scholarship for US citizens? GPA 4.0 SAT 1470 ACT 35.
We do not qualify for need-based scholarship in the US so don’t expect similar scholarships from a Canadian University.

This is merit based and requires a nomination from your high school.

Thank you. It seems no less competitive compared with some Ivy leagues, but it may be worth a try. The student body at U Toronto appears to have a lot of Asian kids, so the competition must be fierce.

As mentioned the Lester B Pearson award at the University of Toronto is very competitive and requires that you get nominated by your high school. It is a very good scholarship if you can get it. Also be aware that Toronto is an academically very challenging university. With nothing but A’s throughout high school (which is what I believe an unweighted GPA of 4.0 means) plus a 1470 SAT acceptance to Toronto is very likely, but getting the scholarship is not nearly as likely.

There are other very good universities in Canada that are significantly less expensive for International students. Toronto can charge more because it is famous and has a high ranking. Let us know if you want suggestions for other Canadian universities.

We did get quite good merit from other less famous (but still very good) universities in Canada with similar stats. However, our situation might be a bit difference because we were applying from the US but with dual citizenship (which also made the base price lower, so that the merit scholarships were subtracting from an already low cost of attendance).

Thank you. We don’t have dual citizenship so it is trickier. We just thought the control of COVID seems to be better across the border so it may be safer there. On the other hand, our daughter isn’t a big fan of extremely competitive schools. If scholarship is almost out of the question, then maybe U Toronto is not for her.

May I suggest Wilfred Laurier for comparison, quite different vibe from UT, is my understanding.
Some scholarships for international students

Toronto might not be the best fit then.

How large of a university is she looking for? What sort of location would she prefer?

Psychology is available as a major at a very large number of universities. Neuroscience and finance would be a bit more restrictive. For a student with a 4.0 GPA and 1470 SAT there might be 30 or more universities in Canada that would be very likely for admissions and that are very good. I am not sure which of them would have neuroscience and finance as options. Probably most of the large ones would.

If you are looking at prices for international students at Canadian universities, keep in mind the conversion factor which is very favourable for those of us who live in the US and who have children studying at universities in Canada. Most of the universities in Canada have prices for international students which are very good by US standards, but it will vary between schools.