University of Toronto - St. George Computer Science vs McGill Software Engineering

Hello everyone,

I’ve got offer letters from McGill SE and UTSG CS Trinity College. I had always been set on going to U of T, but recently I have had some doubts (mainly about U of T’s student life). Anyone’s opinion will help :).

Some things about me:

  • Hard-working with a 98 average
  • I am a student from Ontario with the goal of working in the industry, potentially specialize in an Ivy League school and even start a start-up.
  • Not great at french
  • Passionate about AI
  • European background

Money is not an issue but it is something to keep in mind; here is my situation:

Since my dad is a Quebec resident I get tuition reduced to around 2.5k per year (5k total including fees) while U of T is around 6k for the first year and 11k for the rest. At McGill, I also received a 20k scholarship (5k per year) provided that I keep at least a 3.5 in the first year and a 3.7GPA in the following years.

At U of T, I was granted an entrance scholarship of 7.5k (non-renewable). So all in all McGill is around 40k cheaper.

I’ve done a lot of reading so I know quite a bit already. However, I could really use some advice on the following questions:

  1. Which one has a better reputation in Canada and the US in the last 5 years?
  2. I heard McGill’s CO-OP got really revamped where it is 4 terms of 4 months. Does anyone know just how good it is? What companies hire (I heard AI has grown in Montreal would I have a chance to work in it)? Would not knowing French well hurt my opportunities? Is U of T’s CO-OP a lot better? (CO-OP is one of my biggest decision-makers)
  3. I heard Toronto has more job opportunities than Montreal, is that true? And if it is, by what margin?
  4. Which uni is more up to date on their education/technology?
  5. Which uni would I be happier & less stressed at?

Many thanks!

My understanding is that:

Both universities are respected in the US.

Both offer impersonal type urban atmospheres.

Both have very large introductory classes.

The University of Toronto is better known for computer science.

P.S. I have read that McGill’s atmosphere tends to be competitive & stressful, although I have no first-hand knowledge about this.

I have heard this much, but about both schools. However, most of the people that I heard this from wanted to study hard and learn a lot, and were fine with it (and in fact thrived).

For a university at the level of McGill or Toronto, you have to want to do it. In this case “do it” includes taking your studies very seriously and putting a lot of effort into your studies.

“Hard-working with a 98 average” sounds exactly right for a student entering either McGill or Toronto as a freshman (or U0) student.

Of course this does not help you choose between these two excellent but challenging universities. Personally I would probably choose based on where I wanted to live for four years.

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Cost aside, UoT has a better program in the area you seem to be most interested in.