University of Toronto vs. Brown University

My S17 is trying to decide between University of Toronto St. George and Brown University. He is interested in studying Biology, and may want to go to medical school. However, he has plenty of other interests including political science and world languages.

We are dual citizens. UTSG would cost $20K per year, which we can pay without any debt. Brown would cost $75K per year.

He would greatly prefer a Brown education, but I am unsure if the extra cost is worth the Ivey education …although I have heard that premed at Toronto can be quite daunting

Would Appreciate any guidance …

Brown’s open curriculum lends itself well to students with varied educational interests. If you can afford it then Brown is the best option.

A high GPA is required to get into med school. It will be easier to get at Brown.

If he wants to go into research or learn more exotic languages, then go to U of T.