University of Toronto vs Carnegie Mellon

Hi guys,

My sister is interested in studying politics and her top choices are now either University of Toronto where she could major in Peace, Conflict and Justice studies under the Munk School of Global Affairs or just Politics under the college of arts and sciences or a B.S. in Econ and Politics at CMU’s Dietrich College.

She is torn between the two because both are very well ranked and very diverse schools. She probably won’t have the chance to visit both campus before making a decision due to the current situation so I will write the questions below:

1)Which would give her better job prospects? She wants to either work in the UN or NGO’s and then afterwards, hope to go to law school at Ivy League schools or Georgetown

2)Toronto vs Pittsburgh? any experience with these cities?

3)What are the campus atmosphere like? I’ve heard both are very stressful campuses but what is the overall vibe? She wants to enjoy a residential college experience as well as having the chance to live in big cities? She also likes partying as well, would you say both have good parties?

  1. are their prestige the same? (i know this shouldn’t be a factor) but if you were to choose which would you say is more prestigious?

5)any other comments would help as well! if it were you, which would you choose?

Her stats are
4.0 GPA
34 on the ACT
President of High School, Interned at Amnesty International, Varsity Volleyball Athlete

U of T is a top-ranked public university with a big student body and large class size. There are three campuses, a lot of local commuter students. If your sister intends to study law at Ivy, then I would say choosing Carnegie Mellon. Personally, I think CMU is more prestigious.