University of Utah scholarships?

I have been very interested in the University of Utah over the past couple of weeks. I intend to major in accounting (or economics) and possibly minor in entrepreneurship. I’ve been interested in this school because it seemingly has a good business school, and Utah is arguably the best state in the country for business and entrepreneurial opportunities. I noticed that the school does have a nonresidential president’s scholarship. Is there anyone who knows what kind of statistics would be required to win this award?

My son is a junior at the U of U majoring in engineering. My advice to you is to call the Financial Aid office at the school and ask them what the requirements are. I am pretty sure the ACT/SAT must be very high and your GPA as wel since this scholarship is one of the highest the school offers. The only way to know is to call and ask.

If you look here:

You will see the defined requirements for large scholarships at Utah State and Utah Valley. You can expect the criteria at Utah to be at least as high and probably higher.