University of Washington 2015 Transfer Application

I a currently attending UTSA, after a year I want to transfer to The University of Washington- Seattle, I know it might be a little tough… I have a 3.58 GPA. What I dont know is should I aplly to a competitive major or will it be hard because I only have less than one year of college, and I should apply to a less impacted major and then change my major??

Please Help.

Also I don’t quite understand this question…

First-Choice Major Departmental Application

In addition to this University application,
I am/will be submitting a separate departmental application for the quarter I selected in question Q-1 above.

I am not applying directly to this major for the quarter I selected in question Q-1 above.
I will be submitting a separate departmental application for a future quarter, after enrolling at the University.

Not all majors at UofW require a specific application. You need to look at the website and peruse a particular department to find out. Generally, it’s the engineering departments that require a separate application.

The question is asking if you will be applying to the university AND the major department at the same time (same quarter). In your case, the answer would be “no” since you plan on submitting the departmental application for a future quarter.

You are going to have to submit a separate application for most departments, with the exception of “open” majors. That being said, the question (Q-1) isn’t asking if your intended major department requires an application or not. It is asking if you’ll be submitting it in the same quarter as your general application.

Your selection of major will not matter since it’s going to be an “intended major” until you actually apply to the department. Until you apply, you’re going to be able to change your “intended major” as many times as you’d like through MyUW on your own (without having to contact the univ., which is why it won’t matter).

It is going to be tough to be admitted in your situation - the priority for transfer admissions is for Washington community college students (I’m sure it is the same in Texas). They also want students who have completed closer to 2 full years of college classes and are ready to jump in to the upper level or junior year classes.

Yes, you could apply for an open major which doesn’t require a separate major application and then try your luck after you are at UW. Just be aware that there are no guarantees and you might end up having to find another Engineering program later and/or sticking with a back-up program. Good luck!

I sent online application ( transfer application) 1 month ago. Couple days ago, I visited myuw site to check my application status and I got this one mgs:
After giving your application to the UW Tacoma an initial review, we have determined that one or more documents, supporting materials, or additional information are required before further reviewing your application. All required materials must be postmarked by the application closing date for autumn quarter 2015.
I already sent to uw my current college transcript and shoud I send to uw my official high school transcript? And what happen next?
IF I have to send my high school transcript, can I send it after Mar 15,2015?
This is my first time make transfer to uw. Really need help.
Thanks all.