University of Washington Admission Statistics 2011

<p>So far, any google search and I can't find any kind of statistic for UW and the percentage they accepted this year. I know it's probably lower than 50% this year though cause they denied A LOT of ****ed off people.</p>

<p>At A&O UW claimed around 25000 people applied this year and that the freshman population was 5900 something. Assuming the yield rate is like it usually has been for UW, around 60 to 70%, UW will have accepted 9000 to 12000 applicants placing it around to 40-50%?</p>

<p>I believe that it was 53% this year. I recently got an updated brochure from the university, and that’s what it said.</p>

<p>But still, that’s a 4% drop from the previous year…</p>

<p>Really? 53? That doesn’t seem possible. Either that or a bunch of students just applied to UW, got in, and then chose different college. That’s probably 50% at my school actually.</p>

<p>Am I the only one who finds anything closer to 50% a high admission rate? Or is that perhaps my way of thinking as defined from a competitive academic culture? The concept of 5-10% admission rates have always seem to stuck with me…</p>

<p>A 50% chance of admission with qualified academics and extra curriculars is still a fair bit more than numerous other schools with similar academic standings.</p>

<p>Or perhaps it’s just me. Anyway…</p>