University of Washington admittance question

<p>Alright so I'm doing the full IB diploma and I only have a 3.43 average GPA, and I've heard about full diploma kids not getting in with 3.5's. However, I got pretty good SAT scores and I was wondering if anyone knows how safe I am applying. </p>

<p>I got 800 crit reading, 740 writing, 610 math. and if you didn't know, IB diploma means basically 6 AP level classes a year with 150 hours of mandatory extra curricular stuff, intensive testing, and an extended essay.</p>

<p>So yeah, am I in the clear? Or should I be seriously considering going to a lesser school? UW's average GPA is a 3.75, and I know thats not taking into account the IB stuff I have, but it still scares me quite a bit.</p>