University of Washington Class of 2027 Official Thread

The 11/15 deadline is coming up. We are in Seattle but my D would like to stay close to home. Concerned that it will be too big of a school for her.
Any one else applying? Thoughts? Majors of interest?

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my daughter applied but we are in NJ. applied as poly sci major. sucks that they take so long to give out decisions- I expect my daughter will have moved on and chosen another school by the time UW comes out.
it does seem like a big and somewhat impersonal school where you have to be independent-minded. my biggest concerns are whether the constant cloudy skies will be depressing, and whether the surrounding area is really as bad as some people here have suggested. My daughter likes an urban setting, but if you can’t really comfortably walk from campus or bus around town to enjoy city things then it might defeat the purpose.

I live in Seattle so I can answer your questions about the area. Seattle has a growing homeless problem and the governance could be improved. However, it is still relatively safe compared to many bigger cities. There are areas in Seattle to avoid at night (especially Pioneer Square). If you are comparing Seattle to a small town in the Midwest it will feel unsafe but compared to NY or LA it is a pretty safe place.
I am more concerned about the size of the school than the safety aspect and I live nearby.
Best of luck to your kid joecollege44. Agreed that the decisions take way too long at Univ of Washington!


My son is applying for physics/astrophysics major. We are from New England but when we visited he fell in love with the campus and the city (yes it was a sunny day…). He thought the student body and atmosphere was very cool and a beautiful campus somewhat apart from the city. He also really liked Seattle (his first time there). Distance is a negative (for me, not necessarily for him) and he was also hoping for a school where double majoring or even transferring into engineering (or at least taking classes in the engineering school) would be easy, which I think isn’t the case for UWashington. I think these factors may make it unlikely that it will be his final choice (and he is applying ED elsewhere so this may all be irrelevant if he gets into his ED school). But who knows! It certainly hits a lot of important points for him.

S23 is applying for engineering, and has also finished the essays to apply for interdisciplinary honors. He wants to do industrial engineering but is open to other majors, so he’s comfortable with UW’s ENGRUD process. He loves the campus and Seattle… and he loves Seattle weather! He is okay with a big impersonal school (not so different from the UCs). At the end of this process he will just see where he gets in…

UW seems like a school with highly impacted majors. I am guessing that engineering is more difficult to add than physics? If a double major is desired, would it make sense for him to apply to engineering, and then add the physics major?

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UW is a beautiful campus with all the benefits of a large city. Like most big schools, kids have to work to find their people but there are a lot of clubs, etc to do so. Many people recommend Early Fall Start and it is easier to meet people during that. The biggest negative for the school is its constrained capacity on many, many majors. Unless you are a direct admit or are interested in a non-constrained major, you have to apply to your major. The most popular majors only admit a small percentage of those that apply. So you could spend a couple of years working hard in classes, building relationships, and enjoying the campus/city only to be rejected for your major. It can be heartbreaking.


D23 is putting the finishing touches on her UW essays. We are in state and I think/hope her major is not too impacted. I don’t think she has a great chance of getting in - it feels a little crazy to me that she has felt compelled to expand her search across the country as a back up plan but what do I know? It could be a blessing in disguise.

Hubby and I are both loyal UW alums and donors - ugh.

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Son applied yesterday for CS. We are from NJ.

Application in as of the deadline…barely. My kid really liked the tour. We live in CA.

Cutting it close! My daughter got her app in on the 14th but took some extra time on the supplemental essay.

Have anyone received email about the UW portal log in information?

Yes we did as well as an email acknowledging the honors application.

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My son’s portal was received 2 days after submission.

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Thank you

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S23 still hasn’t received his portal login. He submitted Nov 14th. Does it usually take this long after submission?

My daughter applied at the same time and has not received her’s either. Given no decision until March, seems normal I guess.

My son submitted on Oct 31 and received portal on Nov 2

Notifications sent out starting the first week of March? Is that correct?

Yes, last year was March 4

Ugh after so many EA responses that just seems so far away! However I am glad to hear it will hopefully be early March!