University of Washington in Seattle

<p>I'm a white male, currently living in Ankara, Turkey. I am American and since 8th grade (I'm a senior) I have been attending the George C. Marshall American School; GCM is rated the top school in all of DoDDs (Department of Defense Dependant Schools). I would like to know if anybody could perhaps give me a rough guesstimate as to what my chances are of getting into the University of Washington in Seattle. Here's a little bit about my acheivements thus far:</p>

<p>Freshman GPA: 3.6
Sophomore GPA: 4.0
Junior GPA: 4.06</p>

<p>Freshman Courses</p>

<p>Math: Algebra I - A
Science: Earth & Space Science - B
Art: Fundamentals of Art - A
English: English 9 - B
PE Semester 1: B
PE Semester 2: B-
Language: Turkish I - A
History: World Regions - A+</p>

<p>Sophomore Courses</p>

<p>Science: Biology - A-
Art: Computer Art (Graphic Design) - A+
Business: Financial Management - A
Math: Geometry - A
English: English 10 - A
Language: Turkish II - A+
History: World History - A-</p>

<p>Junior Courses</p>

<p>Math: Algebra II - A-
History: AP European History - A
Science: Chemistry - B
Journalism I - A
English: English 11 - A
English: English 12 - A+
Technology Leadership in the Community - A
Language: Turkish III - A+</p>

<p>Senior Courses</p>

<p>History: US History
Math: Math Analysis (pre-calc)
Language: Turkish IV
US Government/Health
AP Computer Science A
AP English Literature</p>

<p>Total Projected Credits:</p>

<p>Math: 4
English: 5
Science: 3
Social Studies/History - 4.5
Language - 4 (consecutive, same language)</p>

<p>Academic/School Acheivements</p>

<p>-National Honor Society - 3 years
-Yearbook Committee - 2 years
-Creative Connections 2004 (visual/performing arts workshop)
-Linguafest 2003 (language workshop)
-School paper - 1 year
-Class President - Sophomore/Junior/Senior
-Leadership Academy - 1 year delegate
-Leadership Academy - 1 year facilitator
-Speaks fluent Turkish
-Over 300 hours volunteer time at Community Computer Lab
-Lettered in varsity wrestling
-Very active in the maintaining and upkeep of school computerts/network.
(I know there are more things here that just aren't coming to mind)</p>

<p>Standardized tests</p>

<p>SAT I: 1100
(NOTE: I just retook the SAT last Saturday and I do believe I did better)</p>

<li>ACT: I'm taking this at the Saturday after next, I have a strong feeling I'll do <em>much</em> better on this test than the SAT. The ACT is more diverse and overall the practice test was significantly easier for me.</li>


<p>-Lived and grew up in Turkish culture (Ankara, Turkey) from 8th grade until I graduate, learned fluent Turkish in ~4 years.</p>

<p>I can't think of much more else to add here at the moment, I'm sure things will come to me that I haven't written down yet.</p>

<p>I don't know much about international students, and how hard it would be for them to get into UW, but I can tell you straight that if you were in state you would have pretty much a 90% chance of getting in, as long as those SAT scores go up a bit. Now if you were out of state then I'd say you'd have ~80% chance of in. From this I'm assuming that as an out of state student, you have pretty much a ~70% chance of in. IN NO WAY TAKE MY WORD FOR IT
This is just my personal opinion...</p>

<p>If your SAT score goes up I'd say you're sure to get in :)</p>

<p>1200 and you are in.</p>

<p>I'm not international I'm an American going to a DoDDs school, I thought I wrote this already? DoDDs schools are the schools for military/embassy/department of state dependants living overseas.</p>

<p>Decent shot if you get those SATs up above 1200.</p>

<p>Yup, just get those SATs and you are going to be in.</p>

<p>Your ECs are alright with being president a good standout.</p>

<p>can someone please tell me about this school? I heard that their medical school is above average, but what about their undergraduate? Thanks.</p>

<p>It's one of the top 15 public universities in the country, with strengths in science, medicine, and some of the fine arts. </p>

<p>it's in downtown Seattle...which can be both an advantage or disadvantage depending on what you happen to like. </p>

<p>Pretty campus :)</p>

<p> sorry about that
didn't know what DoDDs was....

<p>I'm having trouble filling out my application for UW. My school works on a bi-semester system, so I get a grade for first semester and a grade for second semester, the admissions lady that I emailed said to seperate the grades by semester, would this, for example, be what she means? (see image)</p>

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