University of Washington OOS tuition

Hi… I was recently accepted to UW off the waitlist. I was thrilled because UW is my dream school. However, I live on the east coast and the out of state tuition is very expensive. I didn’t receive any merit scholarships and I got very little in terms of financial aid.

I also applied and was accepted to Seattle University, and they gave me a scholarship that covers a significant portion of my tuition. My intended major is Communications. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how the two schools compared for Communications. I’m also interested in extracurriculars like newspaper and student radio, and I want to avoid greek life (which I’ve heard is prominent at UW)…

For UW, I was looking into the process to establish WA state residency for the purposes of tuition. Does anyone have any experience with that?

I’d be really grateful for any insight/advice…

Residency in Washington requires that you establish domicile in this state for 1 year for a reason other than education in a nutshell.

I think it is very difficult. S, a CA high school grad, graduated from UW-Seattle in 2018. Even though in 2016 and 2017 he had summer internships in Seattle, which meant he resided in Seattle all year round, he was still not able to establish WA residency to get the in state tuition. I believe one requirement would be to work full time (40 hours/week) for a year for residency. Anyway, OOS costs at UW-Seattle is still cheaper than private school costs (at least the top tier ones > 70K including tuition).