University of Washington vs University of Iowa Medical Program

Which one is the better one? Which one is more renowned? Which one will get you more opportunities after getting your bachelor’s?

Which is more affordable? It doesn’t matter where you go for premed.

Are you talking about pre-med? It doesn’t matter where you go for pre-med. What matters is how well you do, especially your GPA and on the MCAT.

Personally, I recommend UW just because of the numerous internships my cousin was offered through their med department, and she majored in Biology, I believe. However, I’m severely biased, because I live 25 minutes away and adore UW’s vibe.

An OOS premed shouldn’t be choosing UWash unless he’s from one of the WWAMI states.

^ If the OOS premed wants to attend UW School of Medicine.

You can’t do premed in UW school of medicine

^ UW School of Medicine almost exclusively enrolls students from Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho by compact with those states. Thus, a non-WWAMI state premed should not attend UW with the hope of attending UWSOM someday. Such students at UW would apply to other medical schools (and all of the resources and internships associated with UW, as mentioned in post #3, are available to them during their undergraduate years there).