University of Washington

What are my chances of getting into UW for business with:
30 ACT
3.7 Weighted GPA
3.5 Unweighted GPA
I attend one of the top 50 best public schools in the nation
I have 12 APs and the rest of my classes have been advanced
I was in STEM all four years and won a grant for $20,000 for my school
I am president of two nation honor society organizations at my school
I am applying from out of state, and I am a male

Very hard to say in all honesty. They accept a little under 40% out of state and they don’t weight GPA so that 3.5 might hurt you. They put in a huge emphasis on taking challenging courses and extracurricular, and you are doing exceptionally well by the looks of it. May I mind asking you, why did you get that STEM grant? Did you make a cool new app, did you do something cool with biotech? Also did you do anything that will make you an exceptional business student? Did you do FBLA or DECA? But, based on what I see here I say you have a pretty solid chance. Best of luck!

It was actually from Samsung. We won a contest because we harnessed solar power in order to save a local endangered bird species. And I founded an organization on my campus and am Vice President for two others so I’m hoping my leadership will show. But thank you results come out soon!