University of Waterloo exams: Pascal, Fermat, Hypatia.

How helpful is getting into the the top quarter of the applicants in Fermat, Hypatia, Pascal exams. I also got like national rank 3 and 1 on two of those exams. How helpful is this for college admissions. Also, how should i present this in the application.

Can somebody please respond to this, it’s been 10 days since I posted this question.

It’s extremely helpful for University of Waterloo. For US universities, AIME would be more helpful, but the Waterloo exams should still be helpful.

You would list your placement under “awards” on your application.

@bouders Since I got both top quarter of applicants and a national rank in my country, which one should I list?
Or should I list of them under one achievement like "National rank 3 in Fermat and placed in the top quarter of all the examinees. "

@Pi-guy123 That sounds fine.

Hi !
I am an international student hoping to study at Waterloo for computer Engineering. What chances do I have considering the following profile.
SAT 1: 1420 ( RW: 660; MATH: 760)
SAT 2 PHYISCS: 730 but not needed for UC’s
GPA: 4/4 for all 3 years of coursework (12th grade results won’t be out before application deadline)


  1. Lead Guitarist of the school rock band performing at National Competitions for 2 years, finishing 1st and 3rd respectively. Also performed at an even that had schools from foreign countries.
  2. Leader of the school Cricket team, the most competitive sport of my city. finished a close second from a pool of around 75 teams. Also won 3 trophies in different competitions.
  3. Designed a motion detection rover for disaster and calamities/ security . Won the best project prize at school’s biennial science exhibition. Designing included experience with circuits and coding.
  4. Volunteer work of over 60 hours by being part of school’s social service club and also on a personal level, providing meals for underprivileged every 6 months.
  5. Also participated in olympiads and other national competition. Won a gold medal at National Cyber Olympiad but way back in 2013.
  6. Learnt to code in QBasic, C++, Visual Basic, Arduino IDE. Also have my own blog talking about technology.

Asian, parents can afford education without scholarship.