University of Wisconsin, Madison EA Class of 2025

On website it says EA decisions by Jan 31. The past few years it has been end of December. Anyone know if any chance decisions will be soon er than end of January?


In the past I believe they started releasing some decisions in mid-late December. I am hoping that they do this same this year. Good luck to all!


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thanks 2002sunshine! i love your username. i heard the same information, good luck to you!!

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Also Wisco residents usually get their decisions before oos applicants. Last year in state applicants got their decision at the end of Dec

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We’re in NY and last year several kids got decisions right before Xmas

last year published date was in December for UW EA. Owing to high EA volume of application, in-state application were released first in Dec and OOS application were released in in Jan 2020. Do not expect to hear anything in December this year, that’s why UW moved the notice date on or before 1/31.

Don’t be so sure about that. My son is currently a Junior at UW. When he applied in the Fall of 2017, UW also said that Early Action decisions would be released by late January. He was admitted before Christmas.

Last year, UW was unprepared to respond to an increase in applications and could not meet the promised 12/24 release date. I suspect that this year’s “By January 31” verbiage is a hedge.

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Historically, looking in the past 3 years, applicants decisions came out on the 3rd Friday in December which is the 18th this year. My prediction for this year is they might do instate starting December 18 or 19 and oos in mid January. Also I think the admissions staff is more prepared than last year and expect a huge increase in applications.

I personally think a decision notification in mid December makes more sense and it could increase the yield slightly.

Some students may cut down the number of application of schools RD due by 1/1.

Some schools announce EA decision during late Jan and even Feb. It is not delighted.

does reciprocity (minnesota) count as in-state?

No you are still oos reciprocity just applies to tuition.

New Student To-Do List? what does it mean? anyone sees the change in the portal?


Where are you seeing this on the portal?

as soon as I logged in the portal, on the very left, at the same level as the “student center”. it only appeared tonight

Upper left is “New Student To-Do List” and to the right of that is “Course Search & Enroll” and to the right of that is “Student Center” and to the right of that is “Advising Resources”.

This is in MyUW

same here

Thanks for the details.

My daughters portal did not change :slightly_frowning_face:

Same here too are you guys in state or oos?