University of Wisconsin (Madison) / Midwest Merit Aid

I am a Junior in high school living in Ohio. I am looking at some out of state colleges but want to see if I can get merit aid to some schools. I would like to try to get total cost to be lowered to around the cost of an in-state school in Ohio (sub 30k). I am taking the real ACT this month, but have got a 32 on a practice test and am hoping to have a 33-34 by Senior Year. I have an unweighted 4.0 GPA. I have looked at Wisconsin’s scholarships on their website but have not seen any great ones. I’m wondering if anyone knows of people getting merit aid to Wisconsin with similar stats as to mine. If anyone knows any other D1 midwest schools who offer good merit aid with these stats, please reply with those situations as well. Thanks!

It’s going to be tough to get academically comparable schools to OSU down to instate levels.

MSU and KSU maybe. Check out Iowa State too. IMO I wouldn’t turn down OSU for any of these.

My experience with my D (with similar stats from OH) was she was able to get lots of school down to $40K but it was only safeties that dropped below that.

Agree with the above. Would also look at Miami Ohio, U Dayton, Butler, and SLU. But again, OSU could be better than those on net price and/or major. What major(s) are you considering?

AFAIK UW-Madison does not give merit aid to non-residents. The taxpayers of Wisconsin cannot afford to subsidize college costs for nonresidents. UW-Madison does not need to offer merit aid to residents or nonresidents in order to attract highly qualified applicants.

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You can look into MSEP discounts

Agree with comments above in terms of reconsidering OSU and giving Miami a hard look.

Iowa State and Nebraska give auto-merit to incoming freshman. Madison no. Minnesota does have some incoming merit for OOS, but it’s very competitive.

Kansas State has auto merit, low housing costs and could definitely come in within your budget and you could be in the Honors College and have some money for travel abroad! My Son has loved it there and is now in his first year of vet school!

Hi! I wanted to return to this comment:
I was highly doubtful of getting merit at Wisco, but I did it!
I’m an OOS resident (born and raised in California) but today I just received the 4-year, full-tuition scholarship to UW Madison!! for future readers- it IS possible to get merit at Wisco as an OOS student!

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What scholarship did you receive?

Check out Iowa State, Saint Louis University as they give a nice merit based on gpa and act.

Chancellor’s! Sorry for the late response

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The Chancellor’s scholarship program is need-based for academically outstanding diverse applicants and is not awarded solely on merit.

Those Chancellor awards are hard to get, @TheRose21 . Congratulations!

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Actually, I qualify for 0 need-based aid at Wisco. Only revealing this information to potentially encourage out-of-state-people to apply to Wisco because you never know!

thank you <3

Interesting and helpful information!

Thanks @TheRose21! Congratulations on the merit from Wisco. Can you share your stats and process you went through to obtain the merit at UW Madison? My D is interested in applying there so def want to look into this for her.