University of Wisconsin- Madison

could u possibly chance me for University of wisconsin-Madison??
My GPA is a 3.6 on the 5 scale
My ACT is a 29 but I’m planning to retake it in October to break a 30
My SAT is a 1260 but I’m planning to be in the 1300s hopefully the next time I take it.
I played school softball freshman, sophomore, and will play in senior year. I was a swing player (varsity and JV).
I also played for the township, and for a travel team during freshman and sophomore year.
I play the violin for the school and outside of school. I take art classes and will have a portfolio by the time I apply.
I worked at a hibachi restaurant as a busser during the past summer.

Wisconsin resident?

Is the 3.6 unweighted or weighted GPA?

Not a wisconsin resident, from philadelphia.
3.6 is weighted.
I’ve taken 6 APs and the rest honors.
Got a 3 on the AP Bio exam, and have to take the rest this May.

Consider other schools like Minnesota (as long as you are Arts and Letters, not STEM major), Indiana, and Iowa. For an out of state student, a 29 and 3.6 weighted is not a likely admission at UW.

Iowa is a beautiful campus, with a river running through it, IU Bloomington gets on all kinds of “most beautiful campuses” lists. Minnesota would be an urban university experience, with great music, restaurants etc.

You need to convert your gpa to an unweighted, 4.0 scale (ask your school for help). Yours sounds rather low as even a 3.6 unweighted/4.0 scale is not impressive. Your ACT score is also not exceptionally high. UW is definitely a reach school for you.

Please chance me…
31 ACT
3.9/4.0 GPA
Many ECs including Student Council Executive Board, National Honor Society, Varsity Captain Volleyball, lots of leadership conferences, work, etc.

I know many people who got into uw with a 27 I think you have a chance of getting in

I had a high school bud who got in with a 21 ACT, after 4 tries. Of course, he ran the 100 less than 11 sec. And he did graduate in 4 years.

@wis75 how accurate have you been in predicting acceptances? Just curious. You seem like you spend a lot of time answering questions. Do you work for the University?

No- just a an alum/parent answering questions. Try to give a reality check to some and relaxation about the process to others. Remember- anything from this site is just opinion. So much can be figured out without asking. Look at stats like I do and figure out likelihood. Probabilities are easy. Each student gets in or not- 100%. There is no accuracy with probabilities. Just common sense- lower/higher quartiles or vast middle half.

@wis75 Thanks. Seems UW is cut and dried and that maybe the “holistic” approach isn’t necessarily true. In Virginia, the decisions aren’t as clean cut, especially at places like VT and JMU. Kids you think would get in, don’t and others you would consider a stretch, do. My son has a 30 ACT but his GPA isn’t as high as others posted (though he has taken 13 honors/AP classes). He’s a legacy with lots of EC’s, 2 varsity sports, community service, and leadership but I’m not sure if he’ll make the cut given a mid 3’s GPA.

Holistic IS true- otherwise so many would not get in who do nor would some de denied.

Your previous comment seemed to be stats driven (probabilities etc) - that is why I asked about the holistic approach. Not sure I understand your last post.

Holistic means not only statistics within definite cutoffs, such as going down a ranked list by the numbers. Stats ARE important but not the only consideration. Probabilities go up with better statistics. But- there will always be people with lower stats accepted and higher ones rejected. That’s taking the whole picture into account. I doubt UW’s decisions are any more “clean cut” than Virginia’s even if some things are not as important as there.