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Would this school accept someone with a 84-88 gpa? Is it hard to declare a major. Is it open admission. Would someone with a lower gpa with upward trends gain admission. What sat score should I be shooting for.

Should I bother applying

Can someone please answer honestly.

Other than your GPA, what are your test scores and intended major? Do you plan to apply through the WUE?

Freshman profile::
Average high school GPA (new freshmen): 3.43
Average ACT (new freshmen): 23.9
Average SAT (new freshman): 1168

If you’re a high school senior or graduate and new first-year student, or have fewer than 30 transferable semester college credit hours, you’ll need:
A cumulative, unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
A minimum composite ACT score of 21 or SAT* score of 1060
4 years English
4 years Math* : To include a college preparatory Algebra I, Algebra II, and geometry sequence.

4 years Science: One year must be from the physical sciences: physics, chemistry, or a college preparatory physical science course. Remaining years may be a combination of biological, life, physical, or earth/space science courses.

3 years Social Science
2 years of same Foreign Language*

2 years Additional Coursework: Chosen from fine and performing arts, social and behavioral studies, humanities, additional foreign language, or career-technical courses.

  • Some math and foreign language requirements may be met in grades 7 and 8. If coursework is not indicated on your high school transcript, please submit an official junior high school transcript.

Do you meet the minimum application requirements?

UW has a 95% acceptance rate, so a B+ average will be accepted. They prefer ACT to SAT but will take either. If you are undeclared, you’ll probably go into the school of Arts and Sciences but can switch to another (nursing, education, engineering, agriculture) if you decide on one of those majors.

You may also get a scholarship:

A 83-86 gpa is approximately a 3.0

Some of the schools will not admit you with a low gpa or test scores (engineering may require a certain test score, I know education has a minimum for math test scores), but otherwise it is pretty easy to choose your major.

@twoinanddone do you know anything about business and finance schools. Would they take less than a 3.0 because going into junior year I have an 82 average. If I bring that up is this a safety school?

I don’t know about the business school but it is likely a safety school. If you have low grades or scores in math, you may have to take remedial courses in math.

If you have questions, call and ask. I’ve never run into anyone at the school who wasn’t willing to help. They are very nice.

Since we didn’t to tour, any recommendations for best residence halls? In know this is subjective, but appreciate any opinions.