university selection

<p>hi am chanil, am applying for Ms in biological for 2012 fall semester. i would like to know which of the 10 universities is worth applying for, from the list </p>

<p>South Illinois Univ Northern illinois Univ
Wichita State Univ Indiana Univ-Purdue univ Indianapolis(IUPUI)<br>
Wayne State Univ Univ of Memphis
California state univ,Sacranento Univ of Nevada-Los vegas
Univ of Texas,Arlington Univ of Missouri,Kansas
Wright State univ Middle Tennese state univ
Univ of tulsa,Oklah Polytechnic univ Newyork
Portland state univ Univ of new Orleans
Chicago state univ Univ of Arkansas-Fayatteville
South Dakota state univ Folrida Inst of Tech
East Carolina Univ illionis Inst of tech<br>
Univ of north texas Washington State univ
Univ of Missouri, saint louis Univ of central Florida<br>
Univ of northern Iowa
Univ of illinois,Springfield</p>

<p>Interesting choices. If you look at the US News Rankings for graduate Biological Sciences programs, most of these are in the same range. However, these rankings focus on doctoral programs and this is not necessarily relevant for you. I would also look at the overall rankings of best National Universities because overall strength may give you a better indicator of the quality of the university for a Masters program. If you look at the National university rankings from U.S. News you will find</p>

<h1>75 University of Tulsa</h1>

<h1>111 Illinois Institute of Technology</h1>

<h1>115 Washington State University</h1>

<h1>132 University of Arkansas-Fayetteville</h1>

<h1>138 Polytechnic Institute of New York</h1>

<h1>164 Florida Institute of Technology</h1>

<h1>170 Southern Illinois University</h1>

<h1>177 University of Central Florida</h1>

<h1>181 University of Missouri-Kansas City</h1>

<h1>194 Northern Illinois University</h1>

<h1>194 South Dakota State University</h1>

<h1>194 East Carolina University</h1>

<p>Any of these rankings are subject to bias, depending on their methodology, and you should take them with a grain of salt. Do your homework and see which of these schools has the specializations you are interested in and then add in the intangible considerations such as location and satisfaction of current students.</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>