University Village at Boulder Creek

<p>Is anyone familiar with University Village at Boulder Creek? My son wants to live there next year, but has heard he has to sign a 12 month lease. One of his prospective room mates signed the lease and said it was 12 not 9 months. He only needs a nine month lease since he will not be there during the summer months. Also, any reviews of the apartments? Thanks!</p>

<p>I do not know anything about University Village, but my son is a sophomore at CU this year and it is his first year living off campus. He had to sign a 12 month lease also, even though he will not be living there in the summer, and he told me it is hard to find 9 month lease arrangements. Not impossible, but difficult. He did say that some of those arrangements have higher montly rental costs to compensate. It is also supposedly hard to find people to sublet the apartment if you do not live there during the summer, as there are so many rentals available and not enough people who wants summer rentals. Also those people will often offer you less than your share of the rent because they can due to the over supply of available rentals during the summer.</p>

<p>Thanks for the information Rousse. He has a friend at Bear Creek apartments, which is through CU Housing, and they have a 9 month lease. he may have to settle for that if he wants to get out of the dorm. He is an NROTC Midshipman and will be gone to training the entire month of June. we really don't want to pay rent if he is not going to be there!</p>

<p>the apartment managers are not stupid. If the lease is for 9 months they are absolutely raising the rent to compensate !</p>

<p>My daughter signed a lease at University Village and it is 12 months. It is very nice, close to campus and expensive!</p>