University Websites

<p>How many of us have scoured their websites just looking for something simple - like their address? For those who have this recent xkcd hits the spot:</p>

<p>xkcd:</a> University Website</p>


<p>I'm always SO mad when the address isn't on the home page. All I want is something small, in the footer, that I put in my GPS. Please.</p>

<p>I love xkcd, one of the best webcomics XD</p>

<p>But it's so true. And why is it so hard to put a campus map somewhere easy to find?! I had to search in google to find one on the internet, ridiculous. </p>

<p>The worst college site I've ever seen is Georgetown's though. Horribly made and organized and difficult to use.</p>

<p>That's great. I've gone onto websites where it takes about five minutes to even find what town the school is in. And then there are the ones that utterly hide the cost of the school.</p>

<p>Funny - DS just showed me this a couple of days ago. So true. I hate it when I can't find the most basic of things. One place I wanted to find a list of faculty (for professional reasons, not for kid reasons) and I eventually had to call the school and wind my way through the phone system to the department I wanted. When I asked about the website she said there * was * no list of faculty on the college website! </p>

<p>And don't even get me started on the places where they haven't updated pages in years! It could almost be a deal-breaker for a college if they don't realize the importance of having an up-to-date, dynamic, and easy to use website.</p>

<p>ETA: Wikipedia is often a better site for data on a college than the college's own website.</p>