UNLV students or parents HELP

My son is a Senior at SECTA, he got admitted to UNLV and UNR (in-state tuition), but as most of Vegas kids he prefers to go away from town for college. He believes that’s he might not get the college like experience if he commutes to school. If he goes to UNLV means no debts as we can afford that. He might have to get a part time job for his outings thought :). We currently pay for his car, insurance and gas. Now UNR or out of state is a different story because of boarding expenses and so on, all that we would have to be finance. He’s not thrilled with the idea of Staying here but will do if he has to he says. He insists there is no college spirit and it seems like no fun. He’s an awesome n responsible kid. Currently plays baseball and participate in all school activities, he loves all that. I will love to hear from current UNLV students. I want him to enjoy his college years and have fun, I’m worry he might be unhappy there and n looses interest in higher education. I’m also concern about having unnecessary student loans. I would love to hear feedback from current UNLV students or parents in simular situation. I’m not a college graduate so Im very naive when it comes to this topic. Do students get together for activities n fun after school n weekend? Thank u!! :wink:

I grew up in Las Vegas, went to Coronado HS. I was the same as your son, wanted to get out of state for school so I went to Santa Barbara. It was the best decision of my life. Nothing beats the experience of living on your own and learning to be a responsible adult. It teaches you lessons you would NEVER learn still living with your parents or hanging out with the same kids your entire childhood. Your kid is right, UNLV is a commuter school, there is no true college spirit. If you can’t afford out-of-state, I would recommend UNR. He would be far enough from home, at a better school (more school spirit, less commuter feeling and he’ll have a “college experience”).

I would 100% recommend though that he leaves Las Vegas! Theres so much to do and so much more to learn outside of this dust bowl.

Ok, UNLV is an amazing school. It has a lot of spirit and gives you the true college experience. It is a fantastic place to live and go to school and like every college there are many fun activities to do all the time. However, I believe it is a MUST to go away to college. It gives you a sense of independence and responsibility. If you are coming from out of state go to UNLV, but if you live close to it you should look elsewhere. I’m sure people are not as excited about Vegas if they have lived there their entire life.

Just tell him if he wants to go to UNR, he pays for his room and board. He’s responsible to work summers and keep a part time job and take whatever student loans he needs to supplement his dorms, food, and spending money. It might be really good for him to do that anyway.

I’m a former UNR Mom - My DS went 8 miles from our front door to Nye Hall at UNR
Best thing we ever did! Sure, it was a bit spendy but since Millennium covered his tuition, we split the housing costs and between his working and what we contributed we kept the debt very low.

I don’t know the culture of UNLV, I just want to share that even if you live in the same town, if you can pull off sending your kid to the dorms, IMO, by all means do it. The lessons learned are not always whats in the textbook.

Go Wolfpack! :wink: