<p>Hey everyone I made this thread because I had a few questions about UNLV. I'm starting my senior year of high school in about a month and a half and recently fell in love with this campus. I'm an out-of-state student and I wanted to know if this would be a good decision for me. I went on a tour mid-summer (a couple days ago actually) so I didn't really see the campus life in full swing. I know it's a pretty big school but I just need people's first hand experience about how they view(ed) the campus from their perspective. I plan on majoring in kinesiology/athletic training and them going on to get my doctorate in physical therapy so if you could give me information on that then that would be great! Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing some responses!!</p>

<li>Brian J</li>

<p>I’m from Texas and am thinking about transferring there next year because of their duel degree in hospitality and business and also they seem to have active student life. I currently go to UT Tyler and it sucks, the people are rude and there really isn’t much student life unless your in sports (like high school). So like you I wanted to know people’s opinions before I got stuck somewhere again. I went on tumblr and searched UNLV, then asked people who go there what they thought. It really didn’t help because answers were totally divided. Everyone did agree though that allot of people that say they don’t like it are ones who grew up in LV. A girl in greek life told me that most transfer and out of state students love it and she also said if your under 21 its not as fun. Also people said you have to pick through fake people. I’m still unsure, but maybe my experience will help a bit?</p>

Hey! I am in state and will be attending UNLV. I have heard good things about those majors, but usually it’s not a prestigious education unless you’re in Hotel Management. The admission is not competitive at all, the campus is really pretty, and the dorms are nice. Living in Vegas is not as glamorous as you would expect it to be. Especially if you aren’t 21, trust me i have live here my whole life and there’s not a whole lot to do. The campus is very active though, lots to do and the gym is rated best in NV.