UNM Cuts 4 Sports

Due to funding shortfalls, UNM is cutting 4 sports: women’s diving (5 scholarships), men’s soccer (29 scholarships), men and women’s skiing (20 scholarships) and the new women’s beach volleyball team. (16 scholarships)

Additionally,the number of scholarship positions for men’s cross country and men’s indoor track & fields will be reduced. (Exact number TBD.)


The Lobos’ athletic department has failed to balance its budget for 8 of the last 10 years and has operating deficit of over $4.7M.

Cancelling 3 women’s teams is surprising because UNM w been found to be out of compliance with Title IX due to a significant disparity between male & female sports opportunities.

This is a shame. The cuts are huge. It is going to be a big hit for them in terms of other students not wanting to count on scholarships with them with all the money troubles in that state with regard to education nor attend where things are subtracted not added for the same fees. There was another article below as of September 20, 2018. Enrollment is down and cuts are coming.

“I wanna be really clear, the cuts are gonna do damage. It’s a hard time,” said Richard Wood, the Interim Provost at UNM.


mens soccer scholarships are hard to come by. too bad