Unrealistic/worth it?

<p>I did not take Honors math or science my freshman year, because I didn't know/think about how it would affect me later on. I am now a rising junior and this past year, as a sophomore, I took H Bio and H Geometry. I really want to get ahead to where I'm supposed to be next year (H Precalculus, AP science).</p>

<p>The only way that I can move ahead in science is to attend a chemistry course M - F from June 28 - August 6, 8:00 AM - 12:35 PM about 25 minutes away from my house. So, I'd have to get up at around 7 AM + get home at around 1 PM. The class costs $875. The cost is not a problem, but I still think that it's ridiculous that my parents have to pay so much for me to move forward.</p>

<p>If I had no other summer plans, then I wouldn't be conflicted, but these are my plans:
-Self-studying Algebra II so that I can take H Precalc in September
-Pre-AP work (AP Lang & APUSH)
-Write 1-2 hours/day on weekdays & about 3 hours/day on weekends (Working towards entering a novel-writing competition)
-Studying/Taking practice SATs (I need to boost my score A LOT)
-Working out
-Reading good books
-Preparing for other classes w/ AP books
-Unpaid internship with city's recycling department (flexible..probably 2 or less days/week)
-Work on a monologue and song for fall auditions
-Get acting agent
-Finalize composting/gardening plan for my school
-Start my photography blog & Etsy shop
-Going away to some beach for 1 week </p>

<p>What I want to know is if you guys think it's realistic to take this chemistry course what with all of the other things I want to accomplish.</p>

<p>Why is your school making you pay to move up? If this is a public school, you have a RIGHT to take any course you meet the pre-reqs for, and a pre-req that costs money, for public schools, is not legal.</p>

<p>Really? It seems that this is just how it is throughout my state (Connecticut). No one in my school's administration seems to know of free summer enrichment courses in my area.</p>

<p>I'm taking two classes at the local CC over the summer, but not to move up, just for fun, so it's definitely doable to take summer classes...
however, if you haven't taken algebra 2 then chemistry is going to be extremely difficult for you. just take it next year during the school year after you've taken alg 2. it would be better to do well in it then to struggle and end up with a bad grade.</p>

<p>Actually it's very common to pay for courses over the summer. And it is legal. My school says you need to pay for the course instead of self studying because you need fulfill the classroom hours requirement. You're lucky that you're only paying $875; we have to pay $1000, or go to CC for $500 for only 2 weeks. </p>

<p>If you think it's too much, then cross out preparing for other classes. You're going to learn them during the school year anyway.</p>