Unsubsidized Stafford Loan help

<p>The only aid my son qualifies for is $5500 unsub Stafford Loan. I just applied for a PLUS loan and was denied. Does this make him eligible for an extra $4,000 for his 1st year of college for a total of $9500 in unsub Stafford? Thanks!</p>

<p>Yes it does.</p>

<p>How can we apply PLUS and get rejected so to get total of 9500?</p>

<p>You would have had to file FAFSA. Student has to be eligilbe for Stafford. When the school sends you the Financial Aid award letter, it may mention a suggested Plus loan and an amount that the school will certify for the student to attend. The school should inform the parent how to acess the Plus loan, once you apply and if the parent gets denied, the student is eligible for 4000.00 more in unsub loan.</p>

<p>SHSurprise, I see you list your location as Shanghai. I'm not sure what your status is, but the FAFSA and the Stafford and PLUS loans are only for domestic students. Financial aid for international students is much less predictable and depends mostly on the policies of the college which the student will attend.</p>

<p>Thanks milkandsugar. We filed a FAFSA, and his award letter said he was eligible for the $5500 Stafford. They never mentioned the PLUS loan, etc. I found some info on the college website about applying for a PLUS loan and just went ahead and did it. I think I need to print out the rejection letter and then call the school to see how to increase his loan amount. They haven't been too good about communicating this stuff with us. I've just been trying to research everything on my own. This website (CC) has been a wonderful source of information. :)</p>