Unsure if I should take ochem or physics second year

I am a second year student currently on a premed track. I know I am interested in healthcare, but am not entirely sure for what exactly. I’m kinda deciding between PA,PT or med school and med school has the most pre reqs, so I know I’d cover the other two if I decide one of those.

This summer I started doing some volunteer work at a couple of local hospitals in their physical therapy departments and I have really been enjoying it and am heavily considering PT as a career. PT does not need ochem as a requirement, so I’m thinking am I better off doing physics this year which PT and pre med need and doing ochem Jr year if I decide that I would need it.
I was told before registration to take ochem because I took general chemistry this past year, but I don’t think I should take ochem if I won’t need it. I’m still undecided on a major.

Take Physics which you know you will need. Continue to learn and think about what you want to major in. If that gets more concrete over the year you have time left to take organic chemistry if you need to.

I think I agree there that I should not take a course I do not need and adding physics now would 19 credits with 3 science labs which sounds ridiculous.

I’ll try to change it before courses start back up in the fall and if not then during drop/add.

Do not do 3 labs in one semester - you will literally die. O Chem is very difficult. Don’t take it if you don’t need it. Physics is required regardless, so do that.