unsure where to apply:)

<p>Hello, everyone. I am a sophomore in the SUNY Buffalo Honors Program that is seeking to transfer at the end of this year. Since I commute to school, my college experience has been rather untraditional. However, I have decided that I would like to go away and experience life on campus in a new city. My high school stats were not particularly distinguished. I had about a 94 average at the time of applying to colleges, but I am sure it is now closer to 91 after a senior year of little effort. My SAT score in high school was a 1330, but I recently retook the SAT(in October) and expect a much higher score. As for college, I am a management major and a pre-med student. Management is nothing more than an interest, and I will be applying as a Biology major to my transfer schools. My GPA at the time of applying should be around a 3.85 having taken around 20 credits each semester. I work as a research assistant, voulnteer as a research assistant for two groups, and volunteer at a local hospital. What would be a list of good schools for me to apply to? Safeties? Reaches? Good matches? Right now I am looking at Cornell Ag. and Life Sciences, NYU, Penn, and possibly Columbia. What would my chances be like at these schools? Any info would be great. Thanks!</p>

<p>October SAT scores were made available today. I received a 1480(760m/720v). thanks</p>

<p>le bump.............</p>

<p>thoughts anyone...?</p>

<p>Why do you want to leave Buffalo</p>

<p>Was it hard for you to increase your SAT score? I'm a freshman in college right now and i had a 1350 but i'm thinking about taking th SAT again. did you study to increase your score or did it just kinda happen?</p>

<p>How about U Rochester as a match/safety?</p>

<p>You're a lock at each school. However, I would advise you not to transfer into a top program if you are pre-med because you need to maintain close to a 4.0 average to get into almost any med school in the US, and that will be extremeley difficult to do at a top program like Penn, Columbia etc. In the long run, your Undergrad degree will not matter if you are planning on being a doctor. Think about staying in Bufalo and you'll probably be better off as crazy as that might sound.</p>

<p>To red92: I took about 4 practice tests and did the the kaplan target 1600 book. because of additional years of schooling, your verbal should increase on its own(at least mine did). however, math is harder because you are further removed from the concepts tested (ive taken calc 1 and calc 2 in college only). if you scored in the 700s verbal i wouldnt recommend retaking it because it will be hard to increase your verbal score and your math will not increase on its own. however, if you had a verbal score in the mid 600's, id seriously consider retaking it. i went from a 640 verbal to a 720 verbal without a significant amount of practice. my math actually went up as well (from a 690 to a 760) but that was because i basically only practiced math. take a couple practice tests and see how you do........</p>

<p>thanks, abpexcel. u make a very good point and i have considered toughing it out for the remainder. i guess if i transfer will just depend on where i get in.</p>

<p>I want to leave SUNY buffalo because it is basically a commuter school(75 percent) and i and from the area. im just looking to go away and have a more traditional college experience. and i consdiered roch, but it is a little too close to home and too similar to buffalo. thanks, though, garland</p>

<p>Red: a 1350 is fine for BC and so is a 3.7. I got in as a freshman with a 1330. BC just has a low acceptance rate because they get a lot of people with 3.4 or 3.5 GPAs and 1200s SATs that apply. You should have a good shot coming from NYU. I dont think i'm a lock though, abpexcel. i mean, i think i should get into NYU and Cornell but Coulmbia only accepts like 10 percent and Penn is really low as well. I just think i might be over reaching on those two</p>

<p>Not sure if you want to go too far from home, but UNC-CH is an awesome school, not a pre-med weeder (lots of instaters), and is much easier to get into out of state. In the NE, your choices are limited but don't exclude yourself from HY. I know a community college transfer who just started there. Also, Brown and Dartmouth are awesome schools with more community than Columbia and much more of a college experience.</p>

<p>Sorry, UNC-CH is much easier to get into as an out of state transfer as they drop the quota. You should get in 100%. Even HY are more than reasonable.</p>

<p>do all state schools drop the quota? i had pretty much ruled out exlcusive state schools because of that. thanks, slipper</p>

<p>Thanks to AJL-- the advice was very helpful and im on my way to get an SAT book today. good luck with transferring! and please think hard about NYU because i for one, hate it here. : )</p>