Unusual circumstances about transferring

This is kind of a weird question but is there any advice for transferring colleges into the spring semester? I was raped first semester of my freshman year and my grades took a pretty big hit. I finished my freshman year and transferred to a community college near my home and am going there for the semester. I’ve been going to therapy and am doing much better since being at home but I’m ready to be back on campus with other kids my age again. I’m scared that the colleges I’m applying to won’t look at my personal statement about why my grades turned out the way they were or that they won’t understand. Can anyone give me some advice?

Were you accepted to any colleges out of high school that you are still interested in? Sometimes they will reactivate your acceptance. Since you will only have 1 year of college grades, some schools will look more closely at your high school record (and some don’t take freshman transfers at all).

Good luck.