Unweighted A or Pass?

<p>I am participating in an internship-ish program over the summer that also gives elective credit at my school.</p>

<p>That credit can either be graded normally but not weighted by the district (AP classes are weighted out of 5, everything else out of 4) or graded Pass/Fail. My weighted GPA is over 4.0, so it would drop if I took the normal grade. That would probably drop my class rank a place or two.</p>

<p>What should I do?</p>

<p>Colleges convert all grades to unweighted grades anyway, so I vote for taking the A (which would be a 4.0). P/F might represent a NA to them, or a B maybe in their eyes. It doesn't look as strong. </p>

<p>But, if you want to claim your rank, go for the P/F. Our HS does not rank, so that wouldn't matter so much. What does your GC recommend?</p>

<p>My GC is not available (it's summer vacation). She has 300 other kids to manage anyway and is probably more concerned with keeping some of them from adding to our district's abysmal dropout stats.</p>